Job Title: Ensemble Administrator

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Overview of Providence:

At Providence, we use our voice to advocate for vulnerable populations and needed reforms in health care. We pursue innovative ways to transform health care by keeping people healthy, and making our services more convenient, accessible and affordable for all. In an increasingly uncertain world, we are committed to high-quality; compassionate health care for everyone—regardless of coverage or ability to pay. We help people and communities benefit from the best health care model for the future—today.

Together, our 119,000-plus caregivers/employees serve in 51 hospitals, more than 1000 clinics and a comprehensive range of health and social services across Alaska, California, Montana, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas and Washington in United States.

Providence Information Service (commonly known as Information technology) is aimed to digitally enable our vision of Health for a better world. We make use of multiple technological stack spread across Microsoft, Oracle, JAVA, Python and many new open sources.

Providence Global Center recently launched in Hyderabad, India as Global Capability Center for Providence looking to leverage the India talent to help meet our global vision and scale our Information Services and products to the world of Cloud.


A senior level role for the Interface Developer job family. You are a highly productive and efficient Developer, and are seen as an expert in nearly all aspects of development and administration of the Healthshare (Ensemble) InterSystems Interface Engine. You resolve the most difficult technical tasks related to this specialization and have mastery of all aspects regarding platform hardware and software. You know what works and what doesn't; you are innovative and have a vision for the future and have demonstrated you can work across teams in Product and Engineering to make your vision a reality. You mentor other senior developers. You determine methodologies and procedures that apply across several teams, and set your own priorities based on direction from management. You communicate proactively and effectively all the way up to an executive level. You have strong technical design and abstraction skills and set the standard for technical designs in your specialty. You review the work of other senior developers, and often act as the lead between multiple teams. You demonstrate excellent judgment and use your expertise in selecting methods and techniques for developing solutions that are robust, reliable, testable, and maintainable from an operations perspective.

Essential Functions:

  • Manage end to end all administrative tasks, using the HealthShare Management Portal and other InterSystems tools, the Healthshare Health Connect integration engine known as Esemble. You will maintain all backend services pertaining to hardware and software. You are experienced in all areas of the Ensemble Integration Engine and are the primary owner/expert of operations and maintenance, including standards.
  • Work daily as a leader in an Agile environment with engineers and developers from other teams, product managers, designers, and user research to solve the most complicated cross-team issues. You are an example for others of being a change agent, leaving every team and process better than you found it.
  • Practice test-driven development and maintain standards for unit and integration testing in your areas of specialization.
  • Lead the technical direction of your specialization through technical roadmaps and design reviews.
  • Regularly deploy techniques and best practices for interface development at scale, and advocate improvements with the team.
  • Mentor senior developers through code and design reviews.


  • Familiarity with the HealthShare Data Platform and all aspects of administering the platform across a complex diversified system architecture.
  • Ability to prioritize responsibilities and to organize workload to ensure that timeframes are met and the work is successfully completed within deadlines.
  • Demonstrates a high level of accuracy, even under pressure.
  • Demonstrated ability to elicit, analyze and communicate business requirements from multiple customers across disparate functions.
  • Ability to analyze information gathered by investigation, and report findings and recommendations.
  • Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems.



  • 7 years of experience, developing integration/interfaces for InterSystems Healthshare/Ensemble integration engine.
  • 4 years of experience, administering the Ensemble Integration Engine and backend databases associated with the product.
  • 2 years of experience, configuring continuous integration and deployment systems at scale, including ownership for security reviews
  • 2 years of experience, leading technical direction and design reviews for a major functional area of your business unit

Licensures & Certification:


  • HealthShare Health Connect HL7 Interface Specialist
  • Corepoint Level 1


  • InterSystems IRIS Core Solutions Developer Specialist



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent education/experience.


  • Master’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent education/experience.
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